The "Fun" Game

New interactive version!!

This game is probably not what you think. Nothing pornographic, but still fun!


1. Take a movie title.
2. Substitute one of the words of the movie title with the word "vagina."
3. Enjoy for hours. If you get stumped, go into a video store.

Here are my top 5 Favorites

1. Three Men and a Vagina
2. Dirty Rotten Vaginas
3. Gone With the Vagina (a classic)
4. Scent of a Vagina
5. How Stella Got Her Vagina Back

Here are my friends' submissions

updated 07/26/05

1. Raiders of the Lost Vagina (Joel B.)
2. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Vaginas (David G.)
3. 12 Angry Vaginas (J)
4. Vagina Interrupted (Alisa)
5. The Hunt for Red Vagina (Aaron G.)
6. Wild, Wild Vagina (Elliott S.)
7. Desperately Seeking Vagina (another PhatKev original)
8. Six Days, Seven Vaginas (Elliott S.)
9. Raging Vagina (Elliott S.)
10. Ace Ventura: Vagina Detective (Todd G.)
11. A Midsummer Night's Vagina (Marc W.)
12. Chariots of Vagina(Marc W.)
13. It's a Wonderful Vagina (Todd G.)
14. As Good As Vagina (Cliff R.)
15. A Few Good Vaginas(Cliff R.)
16. The General's Vagina (Cliff R.)
17. Vagina Quest (Jonathan L.)
18. Girls Just Wanna Have Vagina (Katie J.)
19. Forces of Vagina (Jenn)
20. The Talented Mr. Vagina (Katie J.)
21. How the Grinch stole Vagina (Kim)
22. Circle of Vaginas (Jenn)
23. When Harry met Vagina (Katie J.)
24. A Room With a Vagina (Kim)
25. Puff-The Magic Vagina (Jenn)
26. Vagina Vagina Vagina (Mike W.)
27. Blazing Vagina (Richard)
28. Chasing Vagina (Richard)
29. Vagina Wars: The Vagina Strikes Back (Todd G.)
30. Kiss the Vagina (Todd G.)
31. The Nutty Vagina (Babs
32. The Truth About Cats and Vaginas (Nicole U.)
33. The Vagina on Elm Street (Josh B)
34. Clear and Present Vagina (Brian M.)
35. Shakespeare in Vagina (Bryan K.)
36. Vagina is Beautiful (Bryan K.)
37. Man on the Vagina (Bryan K.)
38. Monty Python and the Holy Vagina(Bryan K.)
39. My Left Vagina (Bryan K.)
40. Fiddler on the Vagina (Bryan K.)
41. Wayne's Vagina (Bryan K.)
42. There's Something About Vagina (Bryan K.)
43. The Man Without a Vagina (Bryan K.)
44. Lethal Vagina 4 (Bryan K.)
45. Not Without My Vagina (Bryan K.)
46. Pink Floyd's The Vagina (Nathan H.)
47. A Fish Called Vagina (Nathan H.)
48. Pee Wee's Big Vagina (Nathan H.)
49. Who's Harry Vagina? (Nathan H.)
50. Who's Vagina Crumb? (Nathan H.)
51. Black Vagina (Nathan H.)
52. Enter the Vagina (Nathan H.)
53. What Vagina Are You From? (Cliff R.)
54. Big trouble in little Vagina (Nathan H.)
55. Big vagina in little China (Nathan H.)
56. Loose Vaginas (Nathan H.)
57. For love of the Vagina (Nathan H.)
58. Vagina Wide Shut (Cassie Story)
59. If these Vagina's could talk (Flora)
60. Stop or my vagina will shoot (Jesse)
61. Dirty Vagina (Julie & David)
62. Erin Brockavagina (Private Sammy H.)
63. Officer and a Vagina (Flo F)
64. What Vaginas Want (Noel F)
65. Dirty Vagina (Kraut)
66. Vagina Harry (Kraut)
67. Vagina Rider (Kraut)
68. The Good, The Bad & The Vagina (Kraut)
69. A Fist Full of Vagina (Kraut)
70. Interview With a Vagina (Lee)
71. Vagina Club (Lee)
72. 10 Things I Hate About Vagina (Lee)
73. My Big Fat Greek Vagina (Lee)
74. Keeping the Vagina (Lee)
75. Harry Vagina (Travis T and Amanda P)
76. Not Another Teen Vagina (Travis T and Amanda P)
77. Dude, Where's My Vagina? (I can't remember who told me this one, sorry)

78. Friday Night Vaginas (Thomas B)
79. Vagina Club (Thomas B)
80. Hitchhikers' Guide to the Vagina (Thomas B)
81. Sisterhood of the Traveling Vagina (Thomas B)
82. Save the Last Vagina (Leah L)
83. Beauty and the Vagina (Leah L)

Isn't this fun?
If you have any good ones let me know and I'll post your answer with your name. I need to learn how to set up a data base so it does it all automatically but until then, send them to me and each time I update the web site, I'll include yours. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

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